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Hi 1b!


We hope you guys are all ok? Learning, loving, relaxing, staying in and making the most of family time.  Get creative, get planting, play board games, keep a diary, make up some new games to play with your friends when you next see them.  Read. Read lots! Stay busy and try to do the tasks we set.   I’ve been keeping in touch daily through Dojo and will continue to do this.  Missing your crazy faces but looking forward to the day when we will see them! Loving seeing your photos that your parents are uploading to your Dojo profiles!


Keep learning, keep laughing and stay safe!

Stay in, stay kind, be awesome you!


From Mrs Bell and Miss Gordon.

(Ruby and Dobby send fluffy snuggles!)




Stay at Home Academy

Here you will find links to many sites full of great ideas to do at home.


Premier Sports Education

These guys have taught your children PE over the past few years.  Take a look at their online PE lessons.  They’re being updated daily.


Dance Monkey


Below are files of activities that you can print off and do at home.  Remember to check Class Dojo everyday as I have been uploading activities to do each day on here.  

Stay safe. Stay in!


Welcome to 1B

We are a friendly bunch of eager learners.  We work hard and support one another on our learning journey.  We are learning that it is ok to make mistakes and that it is important to give things your best shot and have a go.

Phonics is really important to us as we develop our reading and writing skills and we enjoy daily phonics sessions to support us read and write in all areas of the curriculum.


This half term our topic theme is ‘Families’.  We are building on last term’s work about our families and our position in the world.  We’re exploring William Shakespeare, his impact in history and the messages in his stories.  We are looking at Romeo and Juliet through the film Gnomeo and Juliet.  We’re thinking about the value of forgiveness and how important this is in our everyday lives. We will also be learning the names of common wild and garden plants.


Here’s some ways you could have fun learning at home:

Phonics games:

Share stories at home every night – choose a chapter book and read it together. 

Listen to stories read by other members of your family.

Go on a Spring walk and spot signs of Spring.

As the nights get lighter…invent some fun games to play indoors and outside!


Keep up to date with all our latest news and day to day life through Class Dojo.


Meet our class pets!

These are our guinea pigs.  They like listening to stories and eating spinach!

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Picture 2
             Dobby                         Ruby

Phonic Fun!


We are trying really hard to use our phonic skills to help us read and write words.  As we work our way through Year 1, we are trying to refine our spelling choices and choose the correct choice from families of sounds.  Our weekly phonic homework helps support the learning we do in class.    We are looking at trickier, longer words this term.  Take a look below.

Compound Words

Two words pushed together to make one word.

For example:

snowflake       football       playground      roundabout


Found at the beginning of words.  Change the meaning of the word.

For example:

untie              undo           unkind           


Found at the end of words.

For example:

slower            slowest        slowing      slowed  


We also practise applying our phonics by reading ‘alien words’ (made up words).  We scan the word to check for digraphs/trigraphs (underlined) first.

For example:

zlerg    vlortest     hirster   jipe    shlornst      mighd



Have fun making up your own words using any of the techniques above.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Online Safety Day

Online Safety Day  1
Online Safety Day  2
Online Safety Day  3

Team Research Project on the UK

Team Research Project on the UK  1
Team Research Project on the UK  2
Team Research Project on the UK  3
Team Research Project on the UK  4