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About me



Hello, I’m Mr Greenhalgh. I am a recent sport science and coaching graduate from Loughborough University with a commitment to developing sports participation and the promotion of healthy active lifestyles within the future generation. I have a personal belief that all children deserve the opportunity to participate in physical activity and that everything I deliver is inclusive to all. I have plans to develop competitive sport within our school and develop a range of different sports teams whilst working closely with our sports leaders to inspire the next generation. I look forward to developing the sport and physical education profile of our school in the near future.



Here at Bulwell St Marys we want to inspire all our pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sport and physical activity. Children in adolescent should have ample opportunity to lead healthy and active lifestyles. A positive experience of school sport and physical activity at a young age can imbed a lifetime passion for participation. This is key to meeting the governments ambitions for a world class P.E curriculum.  Regular participation in physical activity has a number of key benefits for children and young people. Improved physical health, mental well-being and social skills are just a few benefits children gain from regular participation. Physical education and extra-curricular clubs have wider benefits for pupils at our school, improving behaviour whilst heightening academic achievement.


Pupils at Bulwell St Mary’s take part in Real P.E as well as competing in competitive games and sports. Real P.E gives every child the physical knowledge, emotional and cognitive skills to achieve in physical activity and sport. Real P.E focuses on developing agility, balance and coordination, healthy competition and creative learning. The foundations of Real P.E are designed to challenge and support every child, it follows a unique child cantered approach that transforms how we engage every pupil.