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Attendance & Procedures

Breakfast Club

Our free breakfast club is open to all children and begins at 8.00am. Children need to report to the office before they are collected from the reception area and taken to the hall. No child will be accepted after 8.20am. At the end of breakfast club KS2 children will walk to the playground where they will join their class lines. KS1 and Foundation children will be escorted back to their classrooms by an adult.


Beginning of the day

Gates to the school open at 8.30am and are closed promptly at 8.50am.

Please take your child to the external class door where your teachers will welcome you.


Any child who arrives after the gates are closed at 8.50am must report to the school office where they will be recorded as late.  You will be asked for the reason for lateness and this will be recorded on the register. The adult who is responsible for them must then sign them in using our electronic system stating the reason for lateness and indicating what school lunch the child will be having.


End of School Day Concerns

If a child is not collected from school at 3.15pm as expected, the child should be escorted to the school office by a member of staff. Office staff will start phoning parents and other contacts from 3:30pm to ask them to collect the pupil or make arrangements for them to be collected. If none of the named contacts can be contacted by 4pm a senior member of staff and the pastoral team should be informed.


If none of the named contacts can be contacted by 4.30pm the police will be contacted by phone in the first instance and Children and Families will be informed. If police or Children and Families are unable to track down a responsible adult then the pupil will be taken to the police station with details of the parents’ details, contact numbers and addresses and handed over to the police. Office staff will complete a concern using Myconcern.


If a child walks home alone and does not return home as expected, staff receiving the phone call from the concerned parent, will speak to the class teacher, check any clubs happening after school and phone any parents of other pupils that staff believe they may have gone home with. If the child is not located through these means, staff will advise the parents to phone the police.