Bulwell St Mary's Primary and Nursery SchoolWhere Your Journey Begins


Miss Godfrey - Head Teacher

Welcome to Bulwell St. Mary’s Primary & Nursery School.


Bulwell St Mary's is a wonderfully welcoming Church of England city school, where children from a variety of backgrounds come together to learn, grow and flourish in a supportive, nurturing Christian community.

I hope that our school website will demonstrate many of the activities we have taking place here at Bulwell St Mary’s as well as communicating ideas and information that you may find useful.


Vision and Values

Our vision is for each member of our school family to experience life in all its fullness both now and in the future.

  • Where every child enjoys access to a stimulating, relevant and engaging curriculum, with numerous enrichment opportunities.
  • Where pupils develop both academically and socially and leave us as life-long, independent learners, prepared to play a positive role in society.
  • Where our pupils achieve the highest possible standards, in an atmosphere that is safe, supports risk-taking and invites the sharing of ideas.


We believe that each child is a unique individual who needs a secure, caring, inclusive and stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially.


To help children reach their fullest potential teachers at Bulwell St Mary’s are committed and dedicated to improving themselves and the children they teach. We know that positive relationships are key for continued success and so we strive to safeguard and promote pupils’ welfare, safety and health within an honest, open and supportive climate. Children and parents/carers see school as a safe place, where their concerns and welfare are taken seriously. 


Bulwell St. Mary’s is a proud Church of England school that focuses on Christian values and morals. We focus on one of 6 key values each half-term: Respect,  Friendship, Courage, Honesty, Forgiveness and Creativity. This allows our children to grow as individuals and interact positively with each other in all situations they encounter. The values are a way of life rather than a set of rules to be followed which allows our children to become respectful, thoughtful, content and happy. Prayer and worship are an important part of our daily school life. Through getting to know Jesus our children learn the importance of love and respect for all, and how these values are reflected in their own behaviour and attitudes.


Community participation plays an important role in promoting our children’s learning. We provide many opportunities to involve parents and carers from an early age.


Our school motto is ‘Where Your Journey Begins’. We look forward to supporting you and your children along that journey.


'I came to give life - life in all its fullness'

John 10:10