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Curriculum Vision

Our BSM curriculum:

Our curriculum vision for the children at Bulwell St Mary’s C of E Primary School is to provide opportunities so that our children: 

  • Will be creative, energetic and enterprising 
  • Aspire to reach challenging targets 
  • Will be confident, connected, actively involved and lifelong learners 
  • Will be inspired to seize opportunities inside and outside of school life
  • Develop a set of values that enable them to live full and satisfying lives confident in their own abilities 
  • Will gain an understanding of life inside and outside of their local community

Our curriculum encompasses our school values and aims to ensure diversity, inclusion and belonging are at the core of our teaching.



The curriculum at Bulwell St Mary's is planned to ensure that we provide every child at BSM with opportunities to flourish. Our curriculum follows 6 core concepts, one for each half term. All classes, from EYFS to Year 6 follow these 6 concepts, however each class will look at the concept from their own personal key question and theme.

Our curriculum builds both procedural (skill-based) and declarative (knowledge-based) learning across the school and children are actively required to draw on learning from previous year groups to help them move forward as aspirational and creative learners.


Our 6 Core Concepts are:

Autumn 1 - Belonging

Autumn 2 - Peace and Conflict

Spring 1 - Aspirations

Spring 2 - Journeys

Summer 1 - Environment

Summer 2 - Changes


Each year group also has opportunities for enrichment experiences planned in for every half term. These experiences include trips out of school, visitors into classrooms, digital explorations/virtual tours, community visits and providing children with new experiences of Bulwell, Nottingham and life beyond our city.