Bulwell St Mary's Primary and Nursery SchoolWhere Your Journey Begins

Who's Who

Meet the Staff


Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Burge – Headteacher

Mrs Graham – Deputy Headteacher

Mr Gregory – Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Sharp – EYFS Lead

Mrs Barnes – KS1 Lead

Mrs Collins – SENDCo

Office Team

Mrs Lyons – Operations Manager

Mrs Harding – Attendance Lead & Admin Officer

EYFS Class Teachers

Mrs Collins – F1 Teacher

Mrs Sharp – F2 Teacher

KS1 Class Teachers

Mrs Bell – Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Barnes – Year 2 Teacher

Dobby the guinea pig – Chief of Security

KS2 Class Teachers

Mrs Kainth – Year 3 Teacher

Miss Payne – Year 4 Teacher

Mr Mistry – Year 5 Teacher

Mrs Riley/Mrs Graham – Year 6 Teacher

Teaching Assistants

Miss Clarke – Lead TA

Mrs Farmer

Mrs Richards

Mrs Everton

Miss Hoy

Miss King

Mrs Brown

Mrs Mee

Miss Rice

Mrs Marshall

Mrs Davies

Site Management and Cleaning Staff

Mr Hurst – Site Manager

Mrs North – Cleaner

Miss Woodcock – Cleaner

Mrs Chapman – Cleaner

Miss Wilds – Cleaner

Kitchen Staff

Mrs Pavier-Mills – Cook Supervisor

Mrs Wakelin – Kitchen Assistant

Mrs Dykes – Kitchen Assistant

Breakfast Club Assistants

Mrs Wilmot

Ms Etches

Miss Walker

Midday Supervisors

Mrs Wilmot – Lead Midday Supervisor

Ms Etches

Miss Walker

Ms Nuckchady

Ms Lynch

Miss Warton

Miss Maggi

Transform Trust Staff

Mr S Mason - Partnership Lead

Mrs T White - Associate Headteacher

Mrs K Lee - Partnership Director

Ms C McKendrick - Safeguarding Lead

Mrs C Stafford - Quality Assurance Director

Mrs E Hampton - SEND Director

Mrs H Fordham - Associate Headteacher

Mrs R Meli - Associate Headteacher

Mr P Herd - Associate Headteacher

Mrs J Jeffs - SEND Associate

Ms T Hopkins - EYFS Associate