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Israel / Hamas Conflict Response

Israel / Hamas Conflict response


We understand that the news of the ongoing conflict in Gaza is extremely upsetting, particularly for our children, families, and colleagues with connections to the area. Our thoughts are with all those suffering at this time, here and overseas, and we stand together as we pray for peace.


As educators and guardians of young people, it is our moral and legal* duty to provide an inclusive and nurturing learning environment where everyone feels safe and has a sense of belonging.


Our children are agents of change, and in partnership with our parents and carers, we are helping them to become charitable, global citizens and community-minded people. We will always do what we can to support humanitarian aid causes across the world to help any child who is suffering. 


It is our responsibility to help our children understand, process and formulate their views on important issues without prejudice or bias. In doing so, we cannot ignore the scope and seriousness of the situation in Israel and Palestine and the complexities involved. Adults and children hold a wide range of beliefs and, in discussions on conflict, we need to take an approach that allows all children to engage and benefit.


Here, as ever, our values of inclusivity and kindness prevail as we support our children and encourage our communities to promote peace, compassion and kindness.


We won’t tolerate any form of hate, discrimination or harassment.


What to do if your children are worried:

Within school, our children know they can always talk to a trusted adult about any worries or concerns they may have, and parents and carers can speak to our Pastoral support team.


Reporting any form of harassment:

If any member of our family community experiences harassment outside of school, we encourage them to report it via the appropriate channels and seek support.


Here are some useful links:


Advice for parents:


* Equality Act Public Sector Equality Duty Schools and colleges, along with all public institutions, have a legal duty to eliminate discrimination, harassment and victimisation, advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations.